I love Bitcoin. It is a revolution, second only perhaps to the invention of the internet itself. Below are some videos that give a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the technology, currency, and commodity aspects of cryptocurrencies and the underlying technologies.It is extremely difficult to understand bitcoin in a 10 minute conversation. Or at the very least, one would only be able to have a very rudimentary understanding of it. I have been studying Bitcoin and blockchain technology for years, and I still don’t know all the answers. Further complicating things, few people have a very high understanding of currency or economics.

Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Makamoto

List of Videos on Reddit’s BitcoinWiki

The Death of Money, Andrea Antonopoulos on London Real

This is a long but great primer on Bitcoin from London Real

Introduction to Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

This is a great 37 minute video of the revolution we are witnessing.

Lightning Network Q&A

The Bitcoin Lightning Network – to be implemented soon (hopefully 2018) – is the technical implementation that will allow Bitcoin to scale like credit card transactions and keep costs low.

Elizabeth Stark, Lightning CEO

Bitcoin, Blockchain & US Dollar

Lightning Network