TimeSpace Compression. Self-education. Being a better you.

We live in an accelerating world. Time and space for humanity has been compressed ever since our evolution to hunter-gatherers to today. It is accelerating exponentially.

There were seminal moments in this journey. Farming and agriculture, the wheel, boats, printing presses, trains, telephones, airplanes, and now, the Internet. These things have compressed out time and space at an ever-increasing rate, and many people feel like they cannot keep up.

But you can.

The key is leverage it these technologies to accelerate your own pace, and to learn faster, understand clearer, and accelerate your own life. Even surpassing the acceleration of humanity itself.

Principal Companies

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A┬ámanaged services provider. Kirkham.IT is the outsource IT department for small businesses. Speciallzing in 10-200 seat installations; on-premise, hybrid, or total “pure-play” cloud.

The precise art of marketing.

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Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, Steem, XEM, Tezo

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