Rockford Files Answering Machine Messages

Remember The Rockford Files? Starring James Garner, it was a bit like Bret Maverick as a modern-day out-of-luck private investigator that barely had enough money to repair his run-down mobile home.

Did you know that Tom Selleck was on two episodes as “Lance White”, a P.I. that was the opposite of Rockford, and after the cancellation of the show, the producers of The Rockford Files tapped Selleck for the starring role of Magnum, P.I.?

And that the Pontiac Firebird Espirit was really a Pontiac Formula, but was modified to look like the more modestly-priced Espirit?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the show was the opening scene. Each episode had a unique answering message left by all sorts of people that provided insight into Rockford the man, usually unrelated to the episode itself. That Eric Alper site has the recordings, and has them transcribed (I know it is silly to have to go to two sites, but the sandbox site’s mp3 links are all broken).

Some Gems:

This is Shirley from the bank. The answers are: no, no and yes. No, we won’t loan you money. No, we won’t accept any co-signers; and yes, your account’s overdrawn. I get off at 4:30. Play MP3


It’s Betty from up the street. I’m phoning all the neighbors because Spotty is loose. If you see him, call me. Oh, don’t wear musk cologne. Leopards have a thing about that. Play MP3

At any rate, Wikipedia has some great info about the show.