The Tom Kirkham Show Reboot

Remember how they rebooted Star Trek? This is like that. A lot has changed for me and the world – and I bet for you – in the few years since I was on the air at KWHN. (I still don’t know why they gave me public airwaves with no time delay.)

For one thing, we can do video. On the web, but you can also listen in. Live. On your smartphone. On your tablet. Whatever you use to get on the internet works. Easily.

And, we can do it interactively, such as chat, video, and even screen sharing.

The topics of the show will be a little more than just computer tips, though. We are going to get more into technology and life. Since Al Gore helped create the Internet, practically the all human knowledge gathered over millennia can be found online. This changes things immensely; not just for each of us, but for society and humanity as a whole.

You can be better.

Better, stronger, faster. Free up more time leveraging this new Information Age. We will be talking about technology, biohacking, accelerated learning – basically anything that allows for TimeSpace compression (what?), and I ain’t talkin’ Einstein stuff. Maybe a little.

This will be the first with a new platform, and I am a little rusty, so let’s learn all over again.

Join me Saturday, November 18, 2017, at 10 am by registering here.

Chris Sawtelle of River Valley IT Consulting – who was my cohort for many of the original shows will be joining us.