Cord to Enter Production?

From The Truth About Cars, comes a report that the Cord brand maybe be resurrected. The 810 and 812 (“coffin-nose”) models are arguably some of the most beautiful cars ever made.

“…Craig Corbell, a Houston oil industry consultant and Cord aficionado, hopes to start production of new Cords.”

“…it is the iconic 810 model of 1936 that most enthusiasts associate with the brand. Featuring a low-slung, running board-free body, “coffin nose” prow and flip-up headlamps, the 810 (and 812 of 1937) remains a standout in the world of automobile styling.”

“…Corbell wants to have a display vehicle ready for the fall of 2017.”

Must be yellow:


Cooper Clinic Blocks VPN Connections?

vpnbrokenSo I have two VPNs that i regularly use. A Kirkham Systems one that flows through our office, and PIA which serves me well.

Thought I might do a little work while getting a dose of rust juice, but no, the Guest WiFi blocks VPN connections. Since I cannot risk client data being exposed over an open connection, can’t use the network.

Can someone explain the business case for blocking VPNs on a guest network? Seriously. Would really like to know.