TBC Podcast Introduction, Episode #000

Welcome to the Introduction episode of the Technology, Business and Culture Podcast! We just like to shorten that to the TBC Podcast.

I’m your host, Tom Kirkham. I’ve been involved in technology my entire life and a businessman for well over 2 decades. I invest in technology, start businesses around technology and try my damnedest to lead a fulfilling life, because, after all, what is the point?

TBC is certainly about technology, business and culture, but one of the things we wanted to do is explore the intersections of these things. The intersections of technology and lifestyle; the intersections of culture and business.

As CEO of Kirkham Systems, one of the things that I noticed about our clients is their unique ways of doing business, using technology, and living a fulfilling life. Among them are thought leaders, renegades, rabble-rousers – the crazy ones, if you will.

What is fascinating is that each is different, and what works for some, will most certainly not work for others. However, we can all be educated and inspired.

This is why we will discuss, ask questions, and explore the thoughts, ideas, and systems of these entrepreneurs and leaders. How does their culture work? How do businesses leverage technology? How does culture and technology enhance each other?

We’ll also be curating content of interest, opining as we see fit. As much as I would like to say that TBC will be G-rated, sometimes I feel so passionate about a topic that, well, it just seems right to throw in an expletive or two. If you can’t handle that, thats okay. Frankly its a way to filter for the true rabble-rousers. 🙂

We hope you enjoy the ride!