Carbonite Online Backup

I think I have found a great online backup solution that works great.  It is Carbonite Online Backup and it is a very reasonable $49.95 per year for unlimited backup.  It somes with a 15 day free trial, which I have been running for about a week now.

Darwin Awards

I have no idea if there is an "official" Darwin Awards site, but this one has listing for 2006 and back.

Microsoft Windows Vista - Get Ready

The Microsoft Windows Vista Get Ready Site has all the information you need about Vista.  Use the Winodws Vista Upgrade Advisor to determine if your PC has "the right stuff".

Sony DRM Settlement Claim Link

Click here to go to the Sony site for the DRM claim.Basically, Sony installed a rootkit onto the computer that hides itself from the operating system to protect the CDs from becoming copied.  Wikipedia has a great explanation of what a rootkit is.

Use Eraser to Protect Your Data on an Old Hard Drive

Eraser is a great, free program to securely erase files, folders, and entire hard drives to prevent anyone from recovering the data.

Outlook and Archiving

Microsoft has a page that describes the basics of archiving email in Outlook, and it will help you keep track of emails you want to keep, plus reduce the system resources required to run Outlook.

Netstumbler Download

To do your own wardriving, Netstumbler is the de facto application to use. Just download and install, then put your notebook in your car and drive around. It will show you all of the access points that your computer can reach and whether they are encrypted or not.

Spam Filters

For Microsoft Outlook, I use SpamBayes, an open-source spam filter for Outlook.  It is easy to install and works pretty well, with just a few false positives.  You can use it for Outlook Express, but it is real geeky to install.I've used Cloudmarks Desktop, which is a monthly or yearly subscription with good results as well.  I am seriously considering using a product that only allows white-list senders, or those that I only accept mail from, like ChoiceMail.


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