OpenOffice - a Replacement for Microsoft Office

OpenOffice continues to mature, and is a good alternative to paying the high prices for Microsoft Office suite.  it includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, illustration application, database and a powerful calculator.

Tim O'Reilly Speech on Open Source

Click here to read Tim O'Reilly's speech on Open Source.  An excerpt:“If you believe me that open source is about Internet-enabled collaboration, rather than just about a particular style of software license, you’ll open a much larger tent. You’ll see the threads that tie together not just traditional open source projects, but also collaborative “computing grid” projects like SETIAtHome, user reviews on, technologies like collaborative filtering, new ideas about marketing such as those expressed in The Cluetrain Manifesto, weblogs, and the way that Internet message boards can now move the stock market. What started out as a software development methodology is increasingly becoming a facet of every field, as network enabled conversations become a principal carrier of new ideas.”

7-Zip Download

For unzipping archives of any type, 7-Zip is a great free decompression utility.

Giveaway of the Day

Over on, they are offering - TODAY ONLY - a free copy of CrystalPlayer Pro, which is normally $29.95. You must download and install the software before the end of the day. Every dya, they offer a new software package for free.

Ever purchased an item that the store promises a 30 day price protection?  If you are like me, you never check the price after buying the item, but will help you keep track of your purchase, and email

River Valley SeniorNet

I know that is is hard for some seasoned citizens who have never used a computer to get started with just the basics of using a mouse and Windows, so I was delighted to hear about River Valley SeniorNet that provides free education at the Fort Smith Public Library.  You will learn the basics and even some advanced things about your PC to help get you comfartable with using your PC and the Internet.

Do-It-Yourself Web Site and Web Hosting

Kirkham Systems (shameless plug) has do-it-yourself web domain registration and web and email hosting for reasonable costs.  Also, Go Daddy is very good, as is Yahoo!

Google Cheat Sheet for Advanced Searching

Use the Google Cheat Sheet to make your searches much more productive.


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