Drivers for UT-41 GPS USB Receiver

I put this post over on Lucid Points, but figured some of you may also need this information. If you have a UT-41 USB GPS Receiver, you can get drivers for it at Prolific's web site. This is a USB to Serial driver that the UT-41 uses. Your mapping software or if you use NetStumbler to wardrive will have to be told which COM port it is installed to once you install the drivers.


CCleaner is freeware that will clean up your PC. I recovered over 500MB of space after running it on one of my PCs. it has a number of tools, such as a program remover and a way to delte startup programs.

SideStep Travel Site

This is a great site for finding travel values. For example, I searched for a flight from Fort Smith to New York, and it ranks the flights by price. If you look to the left, you can fine tune the results by departure/arrival times, airline, number of stops, and even alternative airports. Very cool.

Google OneBox Search Results

On top of the organic results (these are the results returned in the middle of the page when you do a Google search), Google shows their "OneBox" results. These are results that they think you may be searching for an answer to a question, such as Charlie Daniels music or stock performance for companies such as Apple (type in the ticker symbol, such as AAPL).

Dell Selling Windows XP PCs to Businesses AND Consumers

Dell is breaking with Microsoft's attempts to push everyone to Vista by offering PCs with either Windows XP or Vista . This is hardly surprising, since many hardware and software vendors see little advantage in making sure their applications and rivers are Vista-compatible.

Dell Inspiron 640m or e1405 Will not Resume from Standby

Oh, I almost forgot, I also had another problem with my Dell Inspiron 640m after formatting the drive and installing Windows XP. It would not go into Standby mode using the keyboard, and after entering standby from closing the lid, it would not resume.

Inspiron 640m and e1405 Screen Flicker on Battery

If you have an Dell Inspiron 640m or e1405, and the screen flickers off and on when you disconnect it from the AC power and it is running on battery, it seemsthat downloading an older Intel graphics driver, rather than the latest one from the Dell web site might fix the problem.

Notebook PC card to desktop computer adapter

Here is a link to Pricegrabber for a PCMIA card to a desktop PCI slot adapter.  It is much easier than it sounds to use this card.  Just open your computer case and plug it into one of the white slots on the mother board. 


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