Month: June 2016

SolarCity Buyout and Tesla Shareholder’s Meeting Notes

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting (here is a video recording). Elon Musk was particularly passionate during this meeting. He. Would. Not. Stop. Talking. Not that this was a bad thing. Anytime you can hear 3+ hours of Elon Musk speaking, thats a good thing. Just as last year, it was a fairly low-key event, but this time he really wanted to spend time on the history of the company and celebrate the people that had been there from the beginning. Nice. I’ve been thinking about a few things that he brought up during the meeting. The Days of the Tesla Roadster I found it fascinating that as they began designing and building the Lotus Elise-based Roadster, limitations kept popping up because the car was not purpose-built to be an EV, and by the time they ended shipping the Roadsters, only about 7 or 8% of the Roadster was original Elise parts. Even the battery and power that they licensed to use in it had to be re-invented. That is a serious commitment to getting the first car right, and as he said, “people don’t want a horseless carriage, they want a car”. Concentration on Engineering the Machines that Build the Machines This is something that Elon mentioned a few times. Tesla is concentrating heavily on building the machines that build the machines....

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S1:E3 – Jessica Hayes, Fort Smith Montessori

Jessica Hayes is the Head of School at Fort Smith’s Montessori school. Before that, she was Vice President of Museum Operations for the U.S. Marshal’s Museum. Jessica has a Bachelor’s degree from the College of the Ozarks, and a Master’s from UALR. We visited about Montessori, the Japanese internment camps and segregation in Arkansas, and talk about the usual stuff: food, movies, books, and music. Montessori Links: Fort Smith Montessori School American Montessori Society Wikipedia entry on Montessori education Wikipedia entry on Maria Montessori Understanding Montessori, A Guide for Parents Book – Amazon Link Japanese Internment in Arkansas Huffington Post Article by George Takei (yes, that George Takei – who was interned at Arkansas’ Rohwer Japanese “Internment” camp. Wikipedia entry on Japanese Internment during WWII Wikipedia entry on Rohwer Wikipedia entry on Jerome Books The Thornbirds Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys John Adams Family (not Morticia and Gomez) Jonathon Kellerman Movies Sleepless in Seattle You’ve Got Mail When Harry Met Sally Son in Law Elf Father of the Bride TV Season of Friends Veep Music James Taylor Carly Simon Carole King Dolly Parton Food Taqueria Karina, 5309 W 65th St, Little Rock Miguel’s Taqueria, 1719 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith El Lorito on Lexington and South B St, Fort Smith Juan’s, 3121 Towson Avenue, Fort Smith Tassanee’s, 1611 Dodson Fort Smith Pho Grand, 4013 Grand Avenue (across from...

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