Month: March 2016

Why People Will Be Standing in Line to Buy a Tesla Model 3

On March 31, 2016, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled and people all over the world will be able to put a deposit down on a Model 3, a car which will not even ship until late 2017. Given Tesla’s notorious late shipping history, the Model 3 will probably not ship until sometime in 2018. Since it is a geographical and “high-value customer” rollout, I will not see mine until late 2018. But that’s okay. At 10am local time ON March 31st, 2016, buyers can walk into a Tesla Store and plunk down $1000 to be among the first to get delivery. Want to do it online? You will have to wait until the official unveiling, which occurs at 8:30pm PDT that night. So, here is what is going to happen: Tesla’s famous CEO, Elon Musk – you know, the guy that wants to colonize Mars – will come out on stage at 8:30pm PDT and during his remarks will be able to comment that “already today, 4 biiiiiiilllliioonnn people have ALREADY placed their order for a Model 3.” Ok, maybe that would be if Doctor Evil said it, but you get my point. It’s a genius plan. If I (and Tesla) are guessing wrong about the demand, and thousands of people don’t plunk their money down for a car they’ve never seen – much less driven – then...

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Apple Event Monday, March 21st, 12pm CDT

The spring Apple event will be held this coming Monday. You can watch the event online or with your Apple TV. What is expected: New(er) iPhone 5Something or other. Think an upgraded version of the excellent 5S for the anti-bigger screen crowd. New 9.7″ iPad Air, er… iPad Pro. Probably no real Macbook news. Please, please, please put Retina screens on the MacBook Air, Tim! Make the NIT at least 400 while you are at it. Some new Apple Watch bands <yawn> More public posturing on the FBI vs. Apple thing that-shouldn’t-be-a-thing. And now,...

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WP: Tim Cook’s Activism was Planted in Robertsdale Alabama

The Washington Post:  The roots of Tim Cook’s activism lie in rural Alabama Cook shook [George] Wallace’s [a segregationist] hand that day, but described it as “a betrayal of my own beliefs,” he said in a speech last year. “It felt wrong. Like I was selling a piece of my soul. Remarkable that Cook was able to persevere – most people just become another indoctrinated member of their environment. Looks like Mr. Cook kept enough of his soul to...

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Great Write-up on the OSX.KeRanger.A Malware and Basic Mac Security

Mac Kung Fu has a great write-up on what you need to know about the OSX.KeRanger.A ransomware, as well as links to other great articles that talk about the built-in “anti-virus” that all OSX devices use by default, and other apps like BlockBlock and Etrecheck that check for persistent – or apps running in the background and at startup (malware has to do this). Although more and more malware is being created for OSX, both myself and Mac Kung Fu are recommending NOT to install a full-blown, resident anti-virus: If there ever comes a time when that’s needed, we here at Mac Kung Fu will let you know. The article also goes into backup methods as well. Thorough yet light, quick...

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2017 Lexus LC500 Coupe

Nice write-up at Car and Driver about the forthcoming Lexus LC500 Coupe. What a beautiful interior. “The LC500 is launching with Lexus’s current hottest engine, the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8 from the RC F and GS F. Output is a respectable but not at all supercar-appropriate 468 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque.” “Lexus isn’t talking about any high-performance variations yet, but… Expect a whole new engine, likely something with a pair of ­turbos and output that moves it into the Germans’ 600-hp neighborhood.? I still contend it looks like a Lexused...

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