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Charlie and the Apple Factory

Hollywood Knights and Addams Family Unite


Newbomb Turk and Uncle Fester agree to cause mayhem for their respective families.

TVs Steve Jobs

Nick Bilton at the NY Times brings to our attention a little known early video of Steve Jobs. It only about 1.5 minutes, just the thing to warm your heart on a cold, snowy day.

AT&T Atrix

Mentioned this on the last couple of shows on KWHN. The Motorola Atrix 4G has 2 separate docks available, one that turns it into a media center for your entertainment center (which seems cool in and of itself), and one that turns it into a laptop. Buy both together for $500 (ouch) and you are productive on the run, especiallly if you work in the cloud. Check it:

Light-Up Cereal Boxes

At this year CES, light-up cereal boxes were introduced. The boxes use induction electricity from special shelving to light up things like "Now with even more sugar!" or "They're always after me Lucky Charms!". Presumably, the eye-catching parts of the box will be used to get adults attention as well, at least until these boxes are everywhere.

Actually, the technology, from eCoupled, behind this is pretty cool and has great potential for all types of information notices such as expiration notice warning in our home refrigerator.

Unfunny at any Speed

Is it just me, or did AT&T completely screw up making this commercial?  The guy with the faster mobile data speed (AT&T) has a very annoying laugh, and all the rest of the passengers have to wait a few more seconds before receiving the funny email.  I must have watched this commercial 4 or 5 times before getting it, and now I just change channels or mute the TV when it comes on. How this inspires consumers to want AT&T service is beyond me.


RSS Primer - You Need This

RSS is the best way to save time trying to keep up with news, expecially technology news.  ReadWriteWeb turned me onto this video from CommonCraft:



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